Loadind a swf flash animation placed in the public directory

Hello everyone,

I am trying to include a swf flash animation in a view with this code
in the rhtml file :


… where ‘flash/entrance_hall.swf’ is placed in the public directory.

It seems that rails interprets it as a link to a controller (named
HomeController in this example) since this error is launched :
ActionController::RoutingError (no route found to match “/home/flash/
entrance_hall.swf” with {:method=>:get}):

Since <%= image_tag ‘file’ %> is necessary to replace the html version
of I was wondering if there was a flash_tag
that could tell rails my ‘flash/entrance_hall.swf’ is not a call to a

Or maybe there is another solution, may anyone help me ?


I’ve found on another what was wrong : the swf file has to be located
with absolute path '/‘flash/entrance_hall.swf’ and not ‘flash/
entrance_hall.swf’ (/ at the beginning missing).