Load custom library path

I’m trying to use a rails app that uses a newer version of RubyGems
than my host provides. Since I don’t have root access, I decided to
try to install my own version of gems in my home directory. I did so
by downloading the package and running the install using “ruby
setup.rb --prefix=$HOME/gem”. Then I added “$HOME/gem/bin” to my $PATH
and “$HOME/gem/lib” (the location of my new rubygems.rb) to $RUBYLIB.

Now, this works fine when I test it with the webrick server (using
script/server), but I get an error when trying to run it proper
through Passenger. Passenger still detects the old (system-wide)
version of RubyGems instead of my newly added version in my home

Next, I tried adding “$LOAD_PATH.unshift ‘$HOME/gem/lib’” to
environment.rb without any luck.

Does anyone have any ideas?


On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 2:29 AM, nic [email protected] wrote:

through Passenger. Passenger still detects the old (system-wide)

Nic, you can do one of the following:

Option 1:

  1. ask the host to install the gems that your application requires

Option 2: get a better host account that allows better access

Option 3:

  1. use rake locally to unpack the gems into vendor/gems

    rake gems:unpack

    Note: This requires that the dependent gems are listed in the
    and you can read that file to see how it’s done or watch

  2. upload the vendor/gems to the remote server

    Note: This may not work if your application requires native gems
    because the local
    OS may be different from the remote OS.

Option 4: use the bundler gem

  1. install the gemcutter gem (locally)

  2. install the bundler gem (locally)

    Note: You can find more information about the usage at the


Finally, you usually can add gems to the load path by doing the
within your

Option 1: add gems using less ruby code within the environment.rb file

Add additional load paths for your own custom dirs

config.load_paths += %W( #{RAILS_ROOT}/extras )

Option 2: add gems using more ruby code within the environment.rb file

Dir.glob( File.expand_path( “#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/gems/*”, FILE)
).each do | gem |
$:.unshift File.join( gem, ‘lib’ )

Option 3: using a combination of Option (1) and (2).

Good luck,


I think you may have misunderstood my problem. The issue is not that I
need a newer version of a certain gem, but rather that I need a new
version of RubyGems itself. My app craps out at line 90 of boot.rb,
which looks like this:

84        def load_rubygems
85          min_version = '1.3.2'
86          $stderr.puts $:.inspect
87          require 'rubygems'
88          unless rubygems_version >= min_version
89            $stderr.puts %Q(Rails requires RubyGems >= #

{min_version} (you have #{rubygems_version}). Please gem update -- system and try again.)
90 exit 1
91 end

I added line 86, btw, to check the value of $:. This is the output I
get in my error log:

["/home/ncolgan/gem/lib", “/root/passenger-2.1.1/lib”, “/root/
passenger-2.1.1/ext”, “/usr/lib64/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/fastthread-1.0.7/
bin”, “/usr/lib64/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/fastthread-1.0.7/lib”, “/usr/
lib64/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/fastthread-1.0.7/ext”, “/usr/lib64/ruby/
site_ruby/1.8”, “/usr/lib64/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/x86_64-linux”, “/usr/
lib64/ruby/site_ruby”, “/usr/lib64/ruby/1.8”, “/usr/lib64/ruby/1.8/
x86_64-linux”, “.”]
Rails requires RubyGems >= 1.3.2 (you have 1.3.1). Please gem update --system and try again.

As you can see, my directory (/home/ncolgan/gem/lib) WAS added to $:
but the new version of RubyGems (1.3.5) located in that directory
wasn’t detected.

Any help is appreciated.


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