Live search with one input field for few columns

In Rails Cookbook is example of live search.
There is one input field and we are looking for word (words) in TITLE

find :all,
:conditions =>
[([“(LOWER(title) LIKE ?)”] * terms.size ).join(" AND "), *

terms is an array with word (words)

My question is:
How to change SEARCH function to search word (words) in more then one
column eg. TITLE, BODY …
Greate example of live search is here:


This is so ugly, I can’t believe I’m posting it…

[ “(” + ([“LOWER(title) LIKE ?”] * terms.size).join(" AND “) + “)” + "
OR " + “(” + ([“LOWER(body) LIKE ?”] * terms.size).join(” AND ") +
“)”, * terms.flatten * 2 ]

Be careful with the line breaks or it won’t work.

One problem with this (besides the field names being hard coded and it
being a big, ugly mess) is that it will only find matches for one
field. In other words, if a user entered “My favorite poem”, there
would only be a match if all of those words were in the title OR if
all of those words were in the body - it won’t find the “poem” if its
title is “My Favorite Things” and the body contains “poem”.

Also, I assume that you have something like this in your code to put
the wildcard characters in with your search terms: {|t| “%#{t}%”}

If you’re doing more advanced searching, you might look into some
plugins. I’ve heard many people talk about acts_as_ferret (with mixed
reactions). Another option could be to allow the user to select what
field he wants to search with a radio button list that corresponds to
the possible search fields. You could then pass this value into a
“field” variable for the search (i.e., “LOWER(#{field}) LIKE ?”…).

If you need something to work quickly, go ahead and try my solution.
If you need something to work well, you might want to look
elsewhere. :slight_smile: