Live DVD for i386?

Hi all,

First, I like to thank everybody at the FOSDEM SDR devroom today. I
really really learned a lot today!!!

I want to try to use GR for a session on “how dooes a 433 Mhz ISM signal
look like” in our local radio-club. For that, I want to use the live-CD
/ DVD of gnuradio so that people can try it out themseelfs.

However, at, I find only AMD
versions of the live DVD.

Is there a i386 version available somewhere?

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

I have made a Gnuradio Live DVD named SDRLive for i386 based on Gnuradio
3.7 last November. The main software package on the DVD is Gnuradio, but
I added some useful other SDR packages (Quisk, Linrad) plus plotting and
audio DSP software as well. I was inspired to do this because I was
asked to do a presentation of SDR and of the missing i386 disk and I see
the need for a beginner friendly live DVD.
I wanted to publish the DVD, but I had to put it on the backburner
because of a death in the family.
My problem is that I have no place to host the DVD via FTP/HTTP or
Bittorrent and I only have a fairly slow rural broadband connection here
in northern Scotland, so I want to avoid uploading the 1.8Gb image
several times.
I am happy to release the DVD if anyone can provide hosting space or
point me in a direction where I could do this free of charge.



I sometimes distribute image files for the raspberry pi for a number of
ham-related projects. For that I used bittorrent.
That way, you only need to distribute it once and let the community
distribute it further on.

If you are interested, I have no issue to distribute the file via
bittorrent. I have a Raspberry pi in a datacenter I can use for this.

How do you propose you send the file to me. Do you have a NAS I can
access to download it. Or, if needed, I can provide you with a ssh
account so you can upload the file.

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.