Little help please

This is not spam, or anything like that.

I am an executive head hunter trying to fill a full time, full benefit
position for a Ruby on Rails developer with 2 years of experience in
the field, and at least 4 years as a web developer. I’ve tried all
the normal methods (plus a few of our own tricks), and I’m still not
getting all that big of a return.

Is anybody looking for a position, or at least know of any developers
who might?

Even a small lead (this company uses them, or that school certifies
them) would help.


Hi Aaron,

Most folks that post here looking for RoR developers tend to give at
least a
little of info about the position, where it’s located, that kind of
Got anything like that to share?

Best regards,

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Sure, sorry about that. This is a full time staff position, full
benefits, with a $6 billion consulting company in Hartford, CT.
Salary will be between about 60K and 70K, depending on experience and
availability. They’re also looking for the candidate to have
experience with Relational Databases like SQL Server or Oracle.
That’s about all the information I can provide while still keeping my
client confidential. If you wanted more information, you can send me
an email and I would be happy to discuss it further.

They are willing to pay relocation costs for the right candidate.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in hearing more?