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Hi all,

Did any body worked some thing like this?

suppose a logs in and creates a new project.he’lll get the list of
projects in the same page. till here i got working.

Here is my question::

i want the list such that a drop down list will be there, and if i
select a month i should get the list of projects done in the month.

I used this code in the project_controller.rb
def list
@january = Project.find(:all,:conditions=>“created_at >= 01-01-06
and created_at <= 31-01-06”)

is that correct? or could any body will tell me how to start?


On 7/5/06, Naga Harish K. [email protected] wrote:

select a month i should get the list of projects done in the month.

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You may want to take a look at tracks:

It is written in rails and is a pretty good to-do list with projects
and “contexts” (contexts was new to me, but I’ve found them useful.
Each action can be assigned a context, project, and due date).

Tracks does not have the by month display functionality you want, but
it has a lot of features. If nothing else you could look at the code
and see how they do things.

If your just going to experiment with it, I would get the trunk
version from SVN. It has a lot of new features not in the released
version from Feb.

I’m not sure of what your thoughts/needs are, but it also has an API
but I’m not faimilier with it.


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