List all available nested resources routes?

hi there,

how do you list all the possible named routes for your nested resources

is there a way to do this from console???



just found the Routing Navigator plugin

this sounds promising…

On May 27, 2007, at 11:00 PM, Dion H. wrote:

just found the Routing Navigator plugin

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this sounds promising…

I find the routing plugin to be extremely helpful.
If you still want to find them from the console, keep in mind that
methods for the routes get attached to your controller.

This allows you to do this:

$ ./script/console

a = {|m| m =~ /url$/ }

You can play with the regexp in the select block to filter to exactly
what you’re looking for, but trying it should be illustrative.



hey David

thats pretty hand {|m| m =~ /path$/ }

never thought of parsing regexps through console output