Liquid-dsp in gnuradio why?


I notice more an more talk about integration of liquid-dsp into
gnuradio and apparently there is already a gr-liquiddsp out of tree
module on github.

I have known of liquid-dsp for quite some time now. It is my first
choice when I need SDR in pure C and I have nothing but the utmost
respect for the documentation it comes with.

I am however wondering what is the rationale behind integrating
liquid-dsp into gnuradio. From what I can see, most if not all
functionality in liquid-dsp is already available in gnuradio. Having
duplicated functionality is almost always wrong and hardly contributes
to clarity.

I am probably missing something or just misunderstand the situation,
so please enlighten me :slight_smile:


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On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 6:51 PM, Johnathan C.
[email protected] wrote:

some portions of it into the GNU Radio SDR framework. In particular,
the library has a number of FEC codecs and low-level math routines that
would help round-out GNU Radio’s functionality.

Also of interest is the liquid-fpm fixed-point math library, which could
help GNU Radio operate in embedded environments that do not have
floating point capabilities.

The experimental work done with gr-liquiddsp is being done out-of-tree
and we have not yet worked out a development plan to incorporate it.

Thanks for the information.