Linq to SQL with IronRuby... Is it Possible...?


i’m a newbie here. joined now.

i’m exploring ironruby from scratch.

few questions to start with…

LINQ to SQL… is a nice thing currently supported in C# and Vb.Net.

i would like to know… if this has been implemented now or its too
early to ask.
when will it be supported…?

Which other ORM’s are under consideration…?

Will IronRuby work smoothly with Asp.Net MVC…?

I would like to peep into a samll sample code for

IronRuby with Asp.Net MVC and
LINQ to SQL with IronRuby…

Hope,i have not asked for more.


I’ll put an article up on the manning site this week that shows you how
use various .NET ORM’s with IronRuby

At this stage I can’t show you an example of IronRuby with ASP.NET MVC
it should be possible in the future I think. For ASP.NET MVC we need
for custom attributes.


Thanks Ivan

Exciting news for me. By any chance are you also covering SubSonic as
one of the ORM’s.

It would be helpful to me and others, if you will Kindly place a link to
article here

I’m covering SubSonic, ActiveRecord, Linq2Sql and LightSpeed

On Feb 19, 2008 2:25 AM, Ivan Porto C. [email protected] wrote:

I’m covering SubSonic, ActiveRecord, Linq2Sql and LightSpeed

Please post a URL when you do that - I’m not familiar with the “manning


Great News Ivan,

Can’t wait for this article.

Just in case, you want to extend your article in future with Merb,
i have seen a new blog today.

Good one to book mark, specially for all those waiting for Merb



It is easy to find… :wink:

Upcoming IronRuby book do not whow yet on webpage. meanwhile you can
form example at IronPython book (IronPython in Action)


Hi Ivan,

It seems your article is delayed.

When can we expect it…?


Ivan Porto C. wrote:

I’m covering SubSonic, ActiveRecord, Linq2Sql and LightSpeed

Hi Ivan,

Just to know… which database have you selected working with
ActiveRecord and SubSonic.

Is it MySql or SQL SERVER…?

You must have made some comparisons to study the major difference
between ActiveRecord and SubSonic…Can you kindly blog on your website,
in case if this is not a part of your book.



I haven’t found a good way to do those things yet. For the moment I’m
focussing on getting the first couple of chapters ready for the meap.
I don’t know how to use generic notation for the c# classes that need
And still wasn’t able to do a query with linq 2 sql, as soon as I get
free time I’ll try again. When I get some stuff going I’ll surely post

I also have a job so i can’t spend as much time on IronRuby as I’d like.


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