Links broken in Email, encode or other alternatives?

Hi everybody,

may sombody has a solution for this problem?
When I send links like that:[id]=22&key=2a965027574e6bd0418f5b9b72c875a49d464fc5

This Link is not clickable, the link breaks like this[id]

Does anybody know, how I could ensure, that the link remains

Thank you for every hint!



Rafael wrote:


Use alternative parts in your email with an HTML and a pure-text
versions of your e-mail. People using mail clients that don’t show HTML
usually know how to rebuild the link from the pieces and won’t blame the
problem on you. The HTML version should protect the links.

From my experience, you’ll have to spend quite some time in the docs
and source code of both Tmail and ActionMailer when playing with mime
like that…


On 6/21/07, Rafael [email protected] wrote:[id]

Does anybody know, how I could ensure, that the link remains

Try typing the url inside a pair of angle brackets, i.e.:[id]=22&key=2a965027574e6bd0418f5b9b72c875a49d464fc5


Thank you very much for your help

here a little tip back, which I found in Rails Recipes.
I go for the multipart/alternative solution.

Sending an email as HTML AND Plaintext makes sense and is for me, the
way to go.
What helped me, to find a quick solution on changing the Action Mailer
behaviour in
Login Sugar, act_as_authenticated was this very helpful book
“Rails Recipes” look for the Recipe Send Gracefully Degrading Rich- Content Emails.

Hope this help some people more out there.



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