Linkparser 1.0.4


Version 1.0.4 of linkparser has been released.

LinkParser is a Ruby binding for the link-grammar library, a syntactic
parser of English. See for more
information about the Link Grammar, and for information about
the link-grammar library.

== Project Page

== Installation

This library requires that you install the link-grammar library first.
Once you’ve installed that:

Via gems:

$ sudo gem install linkparser

or from source:

$ wget
$ tar -xzvf linkparser-1.0.4.tar.gz
$ cd linkparser-1.0.4
$ sudo rake install

== Changes

  • Updated to link-grammar-4.5.6.
  • Added support for ParseOptions#spell_guessing_enabled
  • Fixed buggy sentence behavior when the underlying Sentence hadn’t yet
    been parsed.
  • Made the exception raised when a delegated linkage method is called
    on a Sentence that doesn’t have any linkages. Thanks to Michael
    Bisignani removed_email_address@domain.invalid for bringing this problem to my
  • Fixed some type-qualifier warnings.