Linking Rails Applications

I have created two rather simple ROR applications. I would like to
link them together but they are in different sub directories and use
different databases. I created App1 and it is in use. I have since
created app2, which triggers two small db searches. I would like to
have app2 link to app1 without having to copy app2 into the same
directory as app1.

They exists in C:\ruby\bin\app1 and C:\ruby\bin\app2.

I tried: <%= link_to 'Building Permits ',
:controller => ‘item’,
:action => ‘list’ %>
this is from within app2\admin\main

I get the following error: no route found to match “/item/list” with

I am new at this and learning as I go along, any help would be greatly


You can use link_to to create links just with the actual URL: so, say
running this on localhost.

link_to ‘Building Permits’, ‘http://localhost:3000/app1/item/list
You can put whatever you want in that second string and it should create
link to it.

It is also possible, through using the establish_connection, to have the
second app just access the first app’s DB, if that would work better for
you. See