Linking 2 Mysql tables with each other


For school i’m making a website for music cd’s

I’m a beginner with RoR so I run into problems.
At the moment I made 2 mysql tables, one with Genres and one with CD’s

when I click on the genre -> show, then i’ll get the CD’s of that genre
But when I want to show all the cd’s I got in my database I’m running
into problems.

Cause i’ve linked all cd’s with a genre he needs an ID of a genre to
link cd’s
So I can’t link all the cd’s

I wanted to know if people know how to fix this problem

you just need to add an action show_all to your controller.
@cds = Cds.find(:all)

more is hard to tell from what information you are giving.

Ok, a little bit more detail,

You have cd’s
Every cd has a genre and an artist
You want 3 differente queries
1: a list of all the Cd’s with a link where you can add new Cd’s
2: @ genre, you can select a genre and get a list of all the cd’s with
that genre
3: @ artist, you can select an artist and get a list of all the cd’s of
that artist.

Hope this helps abit :slight_smile:

A search querie would be nice aswell, that you search on an artist and
get all the cd’s of that artist, but thats for later on :slight_smile:

Thnx for replying already MaD