Link/url helper with/for plugin routes

hi guys,

basically following the rails plugin guide, i set up a plugin with
routing, controllers, models, etc. now i’d also like to use the link/
url helper to do something like “link_to pluginName_path” or
“redirect_to pluginName_firstPluginController_path”, but just can’t
find out how.

my plugin routes are created from a yml config file which looks like:

base_route: :register
process: [:profile, :confirm, :complete]

these routes are created by the plugin like:

module Register #:nodoc:
module Routing #:nodoc:
module MapperExtensions
def register
base_route = “/#{REGISTER_CONFIG[‘base_route’]}”
@set.add_route(base_route, {:controller => “#{REGISTER_CONFIG

    REGISTER_CONFIG['process'].each do |step|
      @set.add_route("#{base_route}/#{step}", {:controller =>

ActionController::Routing::RouteSet::Mapper.send :include,

and included in the app’s routes.rb like:

this might not be the most beautiful code ever (improvements
appreciated), but it works for now and sets up the following routes
for i.e. an registration process:


now how can i set up and use link/url helper methods for links or
redirects to each of the steps in the registration process from views/
controllers of the app and from within the plugin?

hope anyone can help!

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