I am having trouble with this piece of code. It does not open a popup
window. If I put curly braces around the controller and action part I
get a popup but the varible username does not get passed. Can anyone
help me out, Im running rails 2.0.2.

<%= link_to trip.user.username, :controller => :page, :action =>
:sendmail, :popup => [‘Contact User’, ‘height=600,width=800’],
:username => trip.user.username %>

NW, here is the solution.

<%= link_to trip.user.username, { :controller => :page, :action =>
:sendmail, :username => trip.user.username }, :popup => true %>


<%= link_to trip.user.username, { :controller => :page, :action =>
:sendmail, :username => trip.user.username }, :popup => [‘Contact User’,
‘height=600,width=800’] %>

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