Link_to with :remote=>true works when bound to "click" but not "ajax:beforeSend"

Hi. I am trying to do an ajax link in Rails 3.2.1 and jQuery. I am
loading jquery.js and jquery_ujs.js. In my document ready, if I bind
to the event “click,” clicking the link fires an event, but if I click
to ajax:beforeSend, it doesn’t. Nothing happens when you click the
link in JQuery. The event does go to the controller, though.


$(’.approve-item’).bind(“click”, function(evt, xhr, settings){

Doesn’t Work:

$(’.approve-item’).bind(“ajax:beforeSend”, function(evt, xhr,
alert(‘before send’);

Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this? I’ve spent hours on this and
can’t find a good reason why this isn’t working.

No errors in the Chrome console, for what it’s worth.

Thanks for any help,

$(‘approve-item’).bind(‘ajax:before’, function( etc…