Hello Experts,
I have a tabbed navigation in side which there are sub menus. For the
tab, to look selected i have used the link_to_unless_current which
assigns appropriate css to the tab when it doesn’t have a URL.

When the user clicks on any of the link inside the tab, I want same
top level tab to remain selected, but as per the
link_to_unless_current logic, when it is not current page it adds the
link to the tab which changes the css and my tab starts looking non

Is there any way by which i can define a few links under 1 tab, using
the link_to_unless_current logic.

  • I previously have used a logic in which a controller sets a
    @current_tab = ‘section_name’ parameter and the tab with the
    particular section_name gets selected.

I am just wondering if i can specify a hierarchy on a central place.

Thanks in advance…