Link_to tag in Rails2.0

I am not understanding the “link_to” tag construction in rails 2.0.
I have this code <%= link_to ‘To me’, member_notes_path(@current_user)
%> but I am not understanding “member_notes_path” at all? What type of
URL it will construct?
Also I have one more question Is this type of link_to tag applicable
only in Rails 1.2.3?
I want detailed information about this tags? how to use?
If any one knows the URL from which I will get all information, then
send URL.

Thanks & Regards,
Tushar G.

Those “_path" methods are helper methods generated by your “routes.rb”
file, which has nothing to do with link_to’s. When you define a named
by saying "map.
”,you will get a “*_path” method points at your target.
can choose whether to use it or not in link_to tag. For more information
about link_to, you can refer to

Good luck
2008/8/5 Tushar G. [email protected]

member_notes_path function will only be available if you use RESTful
routes in your config/routes.rb.

On Aug 5, 3:44 pm, Tushar G. [email protected]