Link_to_remote with javascript to fetch multiple checkboxes


I’m trying to submit a link using:

<%= link_to_remote "  add selected",
:html =>{:id => ‘multiple_select_form’},
:url => { :controller => “sms”,
:action => “add_selected_to_recipients_list”,
:recipients_session_id => @recipientSessionID},
:with => "‘checked_client_array=’+
document.getElementsByName(‘checked_client_array’) "

where checked_client_array is a name of a list of checkboxes such as is:

what I get inside Rails console:

{“checked_client_array”=>"[object HTMLCollection]",

if I put the boxes inside regular form it works fine by I want to be
submitted from another form so that’s why I’m using the :with property
for the remote link.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong and how I can submit it regularly.



On Apr 27, 8:49 am, Tam K. [email protected] wrote:

document.getElementsByName(‘checked_client_array’) "

Your with clause should evaluate to a query string fragment (ie
name1=value1&name2=value2 etc…), which it doesn’t in your case -
you’ve just got some DOM collection or something like that. You need
to construct an appropriate query string fragment from that
collection. Prototype has various helpers for dealing with this (eg


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