Link_to_remote questions


I tried link_to_remote to see the build in AJAX capabilities with rails
the first time for me, I tried the following code and it worked:

<%= link_to_remote( “some link”,
:update => “some_div”,
:url =>{ :action => :someaction }) %>

OK, it has worked, but I have two questions here:

1- When moving between links the URL in the browser still the same
(which is
the name of the controller), I expected that the name of the action must
appear as it used to:

2- How can I create some (Loading) div that appears while div is being
updated (something similar to Gmail - the red div with Loading word at
top right of the page)


:loading, :complete, :other_things
you can check these out on

where you will be referenced where to go, and if you are interested in
bigger, better, cooler effects (they are impressive) you can check out

either way, have fun.