Link_to_remote pastes some code after the link

When I use image_tag() or stylesheet_link_tag() in a view, I get (since
the 1.6 update) a rendered piece of HTML, that is something like this:


<%=stylesheet_link_tag “rix” %>

I get back:


So it pastes a code behind this stylesheet like in this case
“?1156107776”. Sometimes the code is very very large and it breaks my
pages. People’s browsers can not handle the large amount of data, and
their browsers will crash.

Is it some sort of protection, I had the problem after the security
patch 1.6 update? How can I get rid of this? Or is this a bug?

Best regards,
Jaap van der Meer

It’s used to prevent caching and it shouldn’t be “very large” and
especially not large enough to break anything.