Link_to_remote; how do I tweak the div to update?; Ajax on R

I’m trying to update a specific div section by trying to add some
embedded ruby code below. It’s not liking it though. You see below
i’m trying to replace >>> :update => “msg_box>”, <<< with >>> :update
=> “msg_box_<%= %>”, <<< but it’s bad syntax or something. How
can I do this?

Here’s my little Ruby on Rails webpage that uses Ajax:

<% for item in @my_items %>

Ajax Demo <%= javascript_include_tag "prototype" %>
<%= link_to_remote( "Item Details", ### normally its :update => "msg_box>", :update => "msg_box_<%= %>", ### you see in the line above i'm trying to update the div with id "msg_box_1" for example... :url =>{ :action => :get_details }) %>
<% end %>


Thanks for reading.

–Dan W.

"msg_box_1" for example... :url =>{ :action => :get_details }) %> <% end %>


<%= link_to_remote… :update => “msg_box_#{}”,…


That is EXACTLY what i’m looking for. Thanks Philip!

Check out some of the Ajax examples in the last chapter (11) of this:

“Beginning Ruby on Rails”, Steve Holzner, Wrox Nov. 2006