Link_to_remote confirm dialog title

Is there any way to set the confirmation dialog title when using
link_to_remote with the :confirm option?

In Firefox the dialog works fine but the title is:

“The page at http://localhost:3000 says:”

It would be nice if I could set that to something meaningful.

Any information is appreciated,

Rick F. wrote:


I believe that’s a security measure implemented by the browser makers to
indicate to the user where the dialog box is coming from to combat
phishing and other malicious deceptions (not that anyone ever reads
the title anyway). But, the short answer is, no , you can’t do anything
about that.

Short answer is no…

link_to_remote uses a basic javascript alert()…and that’s just the
behavior of the alert function.

But there’s nothing stopping you from overriding the enter thing with
fancy javascript and CSS. There are some nice modal window javascript
classes out there. But, I don’t think that’s the answer you were looking

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