Link_to question

I’m confused at the following problem: I’m trying to use a link_to to
call a controller/view from itself. Basically, history_console.rhtml
calls its controller in the link_to, and based on the value of the
select_id it will display different things.

But with the following code, history_console.rhtml will get a select_id,
but not a specific value of 1 (so if in the controller I say @select_id
= 1 it works). So it cannot differentiate what to display.

This code is in history_console.rhtml:

<%= link_to ‘Client’, :action => ‘history_console’, :select_id => 1 %>

This is in the relevant controller:
def history_console
@select_id = (params[:select_id])
@clients = Client.find(:all)

And this is (again) in history_consle.rhtml
<% if @select_id == 1 %>
<%= render_partial ‘clientselect’ %>
<% end %>

And the URL appears with history_console?select_id=1

The problem is that the value of select_id in the controller is not 1,
and I don’t know why or what it really is.

What am I missing? How do I handle variables in this fashion?


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Your select_id is probably being passed as a string and you are
comparing it to an integer. That is probably causing your test to fail.
Try changing all the 1’s to “1”'s and test it again.

I ran into a similar problem yesterday. This happens when you have form
fields coming in as strings, and you want to compare them as integers as

In this case I went with something like this:

if params[:some_field].to_i == 2 then


You might want to try that as well.

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