Link to public folder for attachments


In the directory that holds my site, I have a symlink from to the public folder in my rails application.
That public folder holds a folder called uploads which contains
attachments that are sent there by the attachment_fu plugin.

However, when I link to one of these files:

<%= link_to “my_file_name”, “/uploads/0000/0009/my_file.pdf” %>

My browser sends me to,
instead of

That said, my javascript_include_tag and my stylesheet_link_tag work
correctly and send me to the right subdirectories of my public folder: and

So how do these tag_helpers know where my javascript and stylesheet
files are, and why doesn’t rails know that my public folder is at ?

Any help would be very appreciated.


Use url_for

Learn rails:

You mean:

<%= link_to my_filename, url_for(“uploads/0000/0009/my_file.pdf”) %>

But this doesn’t change anything. How else could I use url_for to
access an object in the public directory?