Link_to only links to current controller?

This is really confusing to me- I have some code in a page on the site
I’m working on that works absolutely fine on one version of the code and
totally doesn’t work on a newer version, in spite of the fact I can see
no difference whatsoever either in the rhtml pages, the controller or
any of the routing code. Right now I literally have no idea what the
cause of this could be.

This code lists FAQ entries (in faq_controller.rb ):

    <% @questionList.each do |question| %>
  • <%=link_to(question.question, :action=>'show_question', :id=>>
  • <% end %>

On the current code it gives this output:

  • What is question 1?
  • When I switch to the new codebase I get this:

  • What is question 1?
  • Every single link I generate with link_to() is having it’s path replaced
    by a link to “/faq” both in the current partial and in the layout.

    I added some testing code to see what url_for is returning-
    <% “Test 1:”+url_for( :controller=>‘faq’,
    :action=>‘show_question’, :id=>11 ) "Test 2: "[email protected](:url_for,
    {:action=>‘show_question’, :id=>1})
    The former gives /faq the latter gives /faq/show_question/1 but it
    doesn’t seem normal to have to keep calling @controller.send to get my
    links working.

    The other problem I have is that on my staging server and my local
    machine I don’t have this problem- it only arises on the live deployment
    server when it is running in production mode, which means I can only
    test it for seconds at the time if I don’t want to start seriously
    interfering with our users’ experience.

    Any guesses as to what might be causing this? It’s driving me up the

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