Link to Message Thread? & Mailing List Archive Link Broken?

All -

A couple of questions about the mailing list archive:

  1. In the MarkMail interface, is there a way to display a message
    thread? I was hoping to get a link to an entire discussion.

  2. I’m trying to find a way to browse the JRuby users mailing list
    archive. Google found me this link:

…but when I clicked on Users archive, I got “Not Found. The requested
URL /lists/org.codehaus.jruby.user was not found on this server.” I was
able, however, to click the MarkMail archive list link below the other
links (Search results for list:org.codehaus.jruby - MarkMail), and get to a
search page for the archive.

I recommend at minimum removing the bad Archive links, and maybe more
prominently displaying the MarkMail archive link. Is it possible to
pass this on to the people who do the Codehaus web pages?

Hi Keith,

I am using most of the time the Google G. page for JRuby-Users at!forum/jruby-users

Excellent, Martin! I didn’t know that existed. Thanks!

  • Keith

Keith R. Bennett