Link to doncumentation on github

Just a small question, would it make sense to have the readme of the gem
least link to the Rails guide about
This is all completely my personal opinion, but trying to think like a
person not familiar with i18n, the first problem I find is no
in the Readme. There’s a list of features, but no code whatsoever. Even
simplest example would help:


hello: “Hola”


hello: “en”

I18n.locale = :es
I18n.t :hello # => “Hola”

The second problem is that the only link to documentation is to the
which even though it looks quite improved, there’s again still no code
no examples, and the guides aren’t even in the first set of links. An
introduction paragraph linking to the rails guide as the most complete
when rails focused) would do much.

Again, this is all an opinion, but I’ve been asked quite basic questions
about I18n the last weeks which are fully answered in the rails guides
that makes me think people just aren’t finding it. Another small matter
would be that in the Rails guides page, the guide about i18n is called
“Rails internationalization guide”, which is corrrect, but at least I
go looking for “I18n” when trying to find stuff about I18n, and not

What do you think?

{ :name => “Albert L.” }

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