Link_to delete action

I’m having problem with a link_to delete action. I don’t understant what
i’m doing is wrong.

Here is my code:
<% participant = item.participants(:user_id =>
<%= link_to “Ne plus participer”, participant , :method => :delete,
:confirm => “Etes vous sur de ne plus vouloir participer?” %>


Hi Greg,

You might want to put your variable assignment (participant) in your
controller instead of your view.

In your link_to, ‘participant’ has no meaning. Do you have RESTful
setup? Perhaps you meant to write:

<%= link_to “Ne pluys participer”, participant_path(@participant),
=> :delete …

… or at least

link_to “Ne pluys participer”, participant_path(current_user), :method
:delete …

Thanks guys

Actually I was wrong, I am thinking the thing the wrong way.

I have a model Defi which as many Participant.
I would like to create a link_to to add a Participant to a Defi.
How do I do this? Is it in the Defi controller or the Participant