Link FFTW3 in OOT module

Dear all

I try to link the FFTW3 lib to my OOT module but always get the error:

Linking CXX executable test-mymodule undefined reference to fftw_plan_dft_1d' undefined reference tofftw_destroy_plan’ undefined reference to `fftw_malloc’

How can I add FFTW3 to cmake? I found a solution of older days where
./configure was used, but with the cmake version I can’t find a
solution. Is it possible to use gr_modtool do link a library?

Thanks for the help.
Best Regards

Hi Mischa,

we need to make an FAQ of this :slight_smile:
actually, to use the fftw, you need to directly link to the fftw.
Depending on whether you need the single precision floating point
version (“fftwf_" which GNU Radio uses) or the double precision one
”), you can use the FindFFTW3(f).cmake script from the GNU Radio
source tree,
or use my modified version.
Put the .cmake modules under cmake/Modules, and add the
find_package(FFTW3(f)) directive to your master CMakeLists.txt; also,
add the link and include directories (look at the occurences of “FFT” in
my CMakeLists.txt):


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