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Hi all:
Thank you in advance.
I have use the tool “gr_modtool” to create a cpp document.But
an error exists:
ImportError: /usr/local/lib/ undefined
symbol: _ZTIN2gr4mimo21csi_int_cfo_vcvc_implE
I have search the maillist,and find “sudo ldconfig” to solve it.But when
I use the “sudo ldconfig”,the error also exists.
Can someone help me?Thanks.
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I’m fighting a similar kind of error with QT right now. I’ll pass along
some debug that I was asked to do. First open a terminal and execute the

ldd /usr/local/lib/ | grep libgnu

Then search for the file it reports back like this:

sudo find / -name ‘*’

If you find multiple versions of the file, for example,
and, then it probably means one version is interfering
with the other and casuing you trouble. Get rid of the problem version.

Hope that helps,

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Have you gone through our tutorials?

That walks through the process of creating your own module and blocks.
might point out something that you did incorrectly when building your
There is also the tutorial on building out-of-tree modules that might
be of use: