Limiting users for beta-test

Rails 3.1.3

Hi. I have a question about user registrations.

Say, a web service is ready for a beta-test, normally the administrator
limits the number of users that wish to join it.

My question is what is the good way to allow only the certain number of
users to sign up for it?

I think that ‘sign up’ link should be hidden. And the index page asks
for email addresses if they would like to engage themselves.
After that, maybe the administrator sends temporal sign-up password or
something to each of potential beta-test practitioners. But I am not
sure how it should be.

Could anyone suggest how to set up signing up process for beta-test,
including necessary gems?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Soichi,

I would just modify your “new” (sign up) definition in the user
controller to query the number of User models present in the DB and
send a friendly message “sign ups are closed” once the count reaches a
certain number.