Limiting connections / max download amount - how can nginx help?

Hi, I’m loving how flexible Nginx is, and how much is built into a
simple default build. Thanks to everyone involved. I’m at the point now
though where I need to be able to limit connections to a site on a per
user basis. I have a site which is behind basic auth, and users pay for
a username / password combination. I wish to stop cheaters from sharing
their username / password combinations with others around the world, and
to prevent bandwidth hammering.

This makes me think of a few problems:

limit connection rate: the limit request module is a bit heavy handed. I
have pages that are media heavy and can have 100+ images on. I’m unable
to open another page without it blocking me when opening a page with
this many media. I wish it would prioritise pages over static content.
Of course, this is with one zone set up, and a limit_req in the server
context. Should I set up another zone, one for static content, and one
for pages so they’re counted separately?

limit daily download amout: Can Nginx do this? I’ve looked down the
modules and custom modules but didn’t see anything. Something that could
limit the user to download x gb/mb p/day. If the limit were 500mb and I
had downloaded 480mb and then tried to dl a 60mb file, I’d expect to not
be able to download the new file. Any ideas on this?

Username/password sharing. I’m at a complete loss on this. It’d need to
be smart enough to catch users from around the world; same country,
different cities etc, and also be flexible enough to allow different
devices to connect of the same user. Any ideas would be great.

Thank you

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