Limiting children from r:aggregate

I’m trying to aggregate several pages and then limit their children.

<r:aggregate … for 10 urls
<r:children limit=“1” …
<r:children limit=“3” offset=“1” …

What I want is to display 1 + 3 children. What I’m getting is 1 + 20.

I think that what is happening is that the offset is applying to each
url, and not being applied to the aggregated results. Is the aggregate
tag able to do this?


<r:aggregate> is not able to do this currently, but I’d appreciate a
well-tested patch (hint, hint).


I need this functionality, so I’m going to jump on it, but I’d love a
helping hand. Can you make any suggestions about how you might
approach this. I’m still a ruby nuby, and trying to become more
familiar with Radiant as time goes on…

Also, does anyone have any preference about how this should be

I had thought that this would be the default, so I personally would
want to see the tag change to operate this way. Are there any current
users of the r:aggregate tag that would not want this to be the default?

I’m thinking of doing something like separate=“true” for the current
behavior. Or on the other side, I could do merge=“true” to change to
what I intend to do.