Limit file types that can be proxied

I am trying to limit the file types that can be proxied from our backend
server. I am trying to limit it to jpg, gif, png, css and then two
other specific files - Thumbnail.ashx and hearbeat.htm. I am also
hoping to limit access to only certain referers.

I have tried this code which works fine for the jpg, gif, png, css but
is not working for the heartbeat.htm file. It gives a 404 on all .htm
files including heartbeat.htm.

location ~* (.jpg|.png|.gif|.css|ThumbNail.ashx|heartbeat.htm)$ {


if ($invalid_referer) {
  return 404;

proxy_pass  http://exampleimages_com;

Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m not sure why heartbeat.htm is not captured there offhand, it seems
correct on a quick look. Another way to separate heartbeat would be
with an explicit location such as:

location = /heartbeat.htm { proxy_pass http://whatever; }