Like to hire help to get Rails - MySQL - Ngnix - Mongrel - Capistrano going

I’ve enjoyed the Google Rails forum for about a year now while I’ve
completed my Rails 2.0 application and waited until the end to figure
out deployment. I’ve spent the last two weeks pouring over the many
web posts and blogs about how to put this up under Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
(unless you have a better alternative) and can’t find one source that
ties it all together.
It seems the Ruby - Rails - Mongrel are easy but all sources (so far)
forget to deal with how one loads and starts MySqld. Over the last
year my readings seem to point that Ngnix is the most efficient?
Anyway, I am an aspiring individual who is will to pay for such
advice. I expect (whoever) would help me write;

  1. Installation and setup script.
  2. How to stop the server, update the code, and then re-start scripts.
    I am grateful for your reply or a suggestion of who I might approach.
    Thank you,
    [email protected]


Who’s your hosting provider? They should be able to help you get
this up and running.


Jesse P.
Blue Box Group, LLC
p. 800-613-4305 x 801


Look into Litespeed.

We use it for our large sites. (, and
It gets rid of the Nginx/lighty/apache/mongrel mess, and you can focus
coding and your database.

You dont have to worry about monitoring that stack. Just write your apps
deploy them. I don’t work there, and they dont pay me. Just a happy
customer. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

As far as i know, the main difference is that litespeed only uses one
processor for the free version. However your rails application will use
the processors available to it. We use the free version for one site, that gets about a million pageviews per month without
On that same server, we run about 3 other lower traffic sites under
litespeed as well.

How is the standard (free) version of Litespeed when compared to some
of the other configurations?

When I went to view your site, it was down??

Hi Kathleen,

I would recommend you to use a managed service like EngineYard[1] or
SpeedyRails[2] (I work for SpeedyRails) if you need support deploying
your application. There are big differences in terms of costs and
architecture between both companies, but I can assure you support
service and reliability is great in both companies.

Should you need more information about our services do not hesitate to
contact us.

Best regards,


Maykel Rodriguez
Easy to use Rails hosting

Hi Kathleen,

I can suggest going with a managed hosting environment also.

HOSTS: I like and because the support
is very responsive and they have people that have been dealing with
rails for a long time.

PERFORMANCE: What are your performance requirements for your app? (#
of requests / sec, #simultaneous users …). I have deployed my apps
under the apache proxy balancer and mongrel clusters and it runs
really well while not killing my virtual dedicated server.

BOTTOM LINE: Try to work on a dev server and get it working there.


On Jan 20, 9:19 am, “[email protected][email protected]

I suggest going to by the peepcode episode about Capistrano 2 and the
book “Deploying Rails Applications” form pragmatics programmers.

22$ pdf book + 9 $ peepcode episode

2008/1/20, Hugh T. [email protected]:

of requests / sec, #simultaneous users …). I have deployed my apps

Hi Kathleen,
Best regards,


Easy to use Rails hosting

Pedro Del G.

Email : [email protected]