Lighty/SCGI: not found: /dispatch.scgi


I have a ton of these in my Lighty error log:

2006-02-15 15:55:53: (connections.c.1383) Warning: Either the
error-handler returned status 404 or the error-handler itself was not
found: /dispatch.scgi
2006-02-15 15:55:53: (connections.c.1385) returning the original status
2006-02-15 15:55:53: (connections.c.1387) If this is a rails app: check
your production.log

And I guess it’s normal since the way to set up scgi is for it to be
Lighty’s error-handler (I’m not getting ‘not found’ errors in my
production.log). Is there a way to get Lighty to shut up about it?