Licenses and doing the right thing


Hi all,

There are appear to be several licenses available for ROR, Ruby etc so
any guidance is appreciated. I did search on the topic and seemed to get
a variety of answers…some conflicting. My original read on my
situation was I within the guidelines of the the agreement, but I am no

I am currently developing a commercial application with ROR that I would
like to have packaged up and distributed with my code. So I hope to

  • Ruby (binaries for Windows / Linux)
  • ROR and associated code
  • standard Gems
  • Mongrel or webrick
  • Lighttpd or Apache

None of the Ruby / ROR code is modified in any way ( it just works so
darn well ).

So, can I ship this without stepping on anyone’s toes? By displaying the
license agreement etc is that truly enough?

I am looking to do the right thing, any comments are greatly