Libxml-Ruby 0.4.0pre01

Libxml-Ruby 0.4.0pre01 is now available from the Libxml-Ruby project on
rubyforge ( This is a developmental source-only
snapshot taken from the current 0.4 development effort, and is intended
for developer evaluation and testing only. It can be downloaded via this
direct link:

This release is the first to contain many of the new 0.4 features,

* Laurent S.'s XML::Reader interface
    A fast XML parser featuring a C#-XmlTextReader-like stream 


* New XML::HTMLParser interface
    A non-verifying HTML 4.0 parser with API compatible with the
    XML parser ones. Should be able to parse "real world" HTML,
    even if severely broken from a specification point of view.

* Reimplemented SAX parser
    A new API for the existing SAX parser that drastically improves

We’re keen to receive bug reports for this release, especially since
there’s a bug-day planned in the not-too distant future ;).

Merry Christmas to all, and best wishes for the new year.