Libxml-Ruby now available

Libxml-Ruby is now available from Rubyforge
( Libxml-Ruby provides Ruby bindings to
libxml2, the high-speed, high-capability XML processing library used by
the GNOME project.

This release includes critical bug-fixes and cross-platform installation
improvements backported from the current 0.4 development effort, and is
highly-recommended upgrade for all Libxml-Ruby 0.3.x users.

Changes for this release:

  • Reimplemented XML::Node memory management
  • Reimplemented node copy handling
  • Reimplemented attribute memory handling
  • Fixed attribute list traversal (bug #4719)
  • Tested fix of bug #4635
  • Integrated Luc Van Deuren’s cdata/comment node patch
  • Fixed test-naming bugs
  • Fixed doc build bug
  • Fixed parser error handler proc early GC bug
  • include stdarg.h on ruby_xml_document

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and contributed patches.