LibTomCrypt Author Sponsoring Student Trip to toorcon

Hello Everyone,

My friend Tom St. Denis has asked me to send out this slightly OT

Tom is graciously offering a student of his choosing a free or nearly
free trip to toorcon ( ) in sunny San Diego this
year. He does this each year out of his own pocket and just to be a
cool guy.

If you’re a student who’s is:

  1. Interested in security or even researching it currently.
  2. Willing to speak at toorcon.
  3. Willing to come and be hip and hang out.

Tom’s willing to spring for airfare, definitely have a place for you to
stay, and might help with food.

For those not in the know, Tom is the author of
which is one of my favorite little libraries ever.

Please contact Tom at [email protected] if you’re interested.