LF Transmission with Gnuradio/USRP

Dear GNU Radio gurus,

excuse me some basic questions. Point me to another forum if this is
not the right place…

we are supposed to pre-develop an inductive coupling radio transmission
system somewhere between 100khz and 1Mhz with low data rate.
Nothing decided yet (modulation scheme, frequency, transnmit power, …)

I am thinking of Gnuradio on USRP with LFRX/TX as a kind of generic
development platform for transmitter and receiver.

We are experienced in linux and python and others but we haven’t
digged very much into GNU Radio yet.

Can we do simple modulations like FSK, ASK and OOK easily?
I expect we will get a simple spectrum analyzer capability with the
USRP receiver, right?

I am not sure I fully understand what is implemented on LFRX/TC from
Ettus R.? Some amplifiers and 30MHz LP filter?
Where can we find specifications?

Any recommendations to my project intention very much appreciated!

thanks in advance!