Letting users create forms using web interface



I am working on an RoR application and one of the features of the
application would need the following functionality.

Any user should be able to create forms (or questionnaires). He should
be able to specify (on a web-page) as many questions as he wants and
each question would have an answer that could be: a text-field (possibly
with restricted type of values, like only numbers), text-area, drop-down
menu with options to select from, check boxes or radio buttons.

Other users would be able to see this user’s form and respond to it and
the values would be stored in the database. Finally the user (poster)
would be able to view (or download) all the answers entered by the
various other users.

If you know of a rails plug-in or something else that can help me do
this, please let me know. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.


Hi Joey,

Did you investigate into SMERF?

ciao, tom


Hey Tom,

Yes I did look at SMERF. But it looks like the users won’t be able to
“define” their forms in SMERF on a web-page. It involved defining forms
using YAML that had rules which would not be easily followed by a
lay-user who isn’t comfortable with syntaxes etc. Actually, in my
application, I am in need of a normal web-page where the user should be
able to define his form elements (questions).

I hope I am not wrong about SMERF.

Thanks for replying Tom. I really appreciate it. If you are aware of
anything that does do this using a web-page, that’d be really great!