Let's build Ruby Arena (simulating robot battles) - validation of idea

Hello All,

I would like to ask you for help with validation of my idea.

I would like to build arena where you can put your own robots (Ruby
class) and see how they fight against each other.

This is not a new idea. There are Crobots (C), Robocode (Java, .NET) and
also rrobots (Ruby).

However rrobots looks abandoned. Code is hard to understand (for me) and
not tested.

I would like to build it from scratch. And main goal is to learn. I
would like to participate on this with other developers too.

I need to know if there is anyone else interested. I do not want to
build it if there is not anyone else who wants to play a.k.a. build own

So I would like to ask to answer three very quick questions in this

If you are not interested, just ignore this message or answer NO.

Many thanks


p.s. you can find little bit more information on my blog post here:

Check out rtanque

I would participate