Leopard and Rails, best way?


I’m finally moving over from developing on windows to leopard, I have
read a few articles detailing ways of using the pre-installed version,
Locomotive or MacPorts.

Has anyone got any suggestions on what is the best path to take?


this was answered several times in the last months.
one answer is here:

for the others the search function with “leopard install” should give
you some help

Ruby, apache, rails, gems, even SQLite 3 are all installed on OS X
leopard by default.

http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/Current/ has a installer
for MySQL too if you want.

The apache config file is in /etc/apache2/ and they even have a few
things setup for you already like some example vhosts if your not to
familiar with apache config files.

the darwin source site has a mod_php tar which has php 5 setup for
Leopards config.

The nice part about using those over say, MacPorts is that they are all
configured to be universal binaries so you can run them on a 64 bit
system or a 32 bit and they will take full advantage of your processor.

I prefer compiling all my stuff from scratch and setting my own config
values, but thats just me.

Also, here is a nice place to keep up with everything Ruby on Mac OS


Dig around in there and find the troubleshooting guild for some good
tips. I think it’s linked from and early “Welcome” posting on that

On Jan 16, 4:48 pm, John H. [email protected]

Thanks for the links, will have a read.