Lemon v0.8.4 released

Lemon 0.8.4 has been released.

Lemon is a unit testing framework that tightly correlates class to test
case and method to test unit.

Fix reported issue #6 to get lemon passing it own tests. (Note: the
tests need to be run with test/fixtures in the loadpath). There was
also a typo in the Outline reporter which was fixed. And better support
of the newest ANSI gem now lets color be deactivated with the --no-ansi
command line option.


  • Fix typo in outline reporter.
  • Add --no-ansi command line option.
  • Load ansi/core per the latest ANSI gem.
  • Lemon can test itself (albeit test are not complete).

Home page should be http://rubyworks.github.com/lemon