Legacy Schemas dynamic find


I’m trying to put a rails face on a legacy database. It is an old Sybase
11 database installation. I’ve gotten an ODBC connection working that
uses unixODBC and FreeTDS to work. I’m also using the
activerecord-odbc-adapter gem.

I’ve had to use set_table_name and set_primary_key to make it work so
far. However, none of the dynamic find_by methods work. I always get a
method missing error. Also, find through association doesn’t work as
well with the same error. Normal finds on the models work, but I was
hoping I can shorthand some of this.

Am I SOL on this because it’s a legacy DB or is there something I can do
or check to make that work?

If I can, that would save me some work writing find_by_sql calls.

Thank you.