Legacy database migration causing problems during testing

Apologies if you’re seeing this for the possible 3rd time. I’m having
issues seeing messages I’ve sent to the list. I have properly set the
options in the list manager, they just don’t seem to be delivered.

I’m using rails to build some new functionality into an existing
website and MySQL database system. I know there are ways to set up
models to use the legacy tables and that I should be able to get the
application to run properly with the DB in it’s current state. The
problem that I am having is the database isn’t translating into a
schema that can be inserted into the test database. I replaced all the
enum references with varchars, but I’m now running into an error with
the creation of indexes on full text fields.

Mysql::Error: BLOB/TEXT column ‘longteaser’ used in key specification
without a key length: CREATE INDEX ftext ON asarticle (keyword,
title, author, longteaser, articletext, metakeywords)

Is it possible to get the schema.rb creation process to ignore certain
tables and/or characteristics when generating itself? I’ve got about
100 tables, 5 of which I need for the project.

Anywhere you can point me would be appreciated.