Legacy Data without Primary Keys

Hi all. I’m importing some legacy data via ActiveRecord. However, it has
no primary key and I don’t want duplicates - I am reasonably sure the
combination of two certain fields are unique, though.

What’s the best practice & how’s it done pls?

  • Make a string id field and concatenate the two fields (or whatever I
    want for an ID) in it

  • Set the two fields to be primary keys, Rails picks it up, and don’t
    use find()

  • Manually check with find_or_create_by_name_and_date(params) for each

  • Something else…


Ah, I forgot to mention that some fields should be referenced by a
foreign key.

i.e. the data is distinguished by Time & Place and Place is itself a

When importing the data, it needs to create new Places - I take it I’d
have to use a find_or_create_by_name on the Place object, and then do
one of the options below? Sorry, still getting to grips with this.