Learning REST, singleton resources and connecting it to the


I am still having here and there problems, when developing a RESTful
application. After completing my first personal toy up, I felt like
being on the way to understand REST in rails. :slight_smile:

But now I have the need for a dashboard in an application. Sounds like
a nice singleton resource with only an index method. But the next
question is, how to get the other resources connect or better
displayed on the dashboard.

On my dashboard I want to display the resources memos, anniversaries,
events, topics, etc. grouped on a daily basis. The dashboard will
always show the current day and the next three days. Based on that, I
have the following questions and would be more then happy, if anybody
can share some insights with me.

  • How can I connect the dashboard to the other resources? Currently I
    think, that the dashboard controller will fetch the resources and
    embed it in the web page.

  • How do I have to extend resources so that I can do something like
    getting the anniversaries for the 2007-06-15? In my imagination that
    should result in an URL like /anniversaries/2007/06/15 and I should
    also put new anniversaries using that way…

Hopefully, I have not screwed it up completely, but your are
absolutely free to tell me, that I haven’t understood REST. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Oliver A. [email protected]